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Investor Metrics is the distributor of the Investor Risk Tolerance Instrument, an online assessment for wealth managers and stockbrokers that measures an investor's risk tolerance. 


An investor's ability and willingness to bear risk is often the most important factor in determining how they approach investing. The willingness to tolerate uncertainty and sustain losses and gains can determine what investments best suit the investor. Regulatory requirements and guidelines stipulate that private client investors should be assessed for their risk preferences in order to estimate how much risk they may be willing to take with their investments. This helps both the investor

and the adviser better understand and identify suitable investments. This process requires using a robust risk profiling tool generating scores that accurately reflect the client's risk preferences.  

Investor Metrics is a division of Global Markets Media Ltd.

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Jim Biss has been a director of Global Markets Media Ltd since 2003, a UK-based financial media company bringing research, conferences and training to trading and investment professionals worldwide. Previously, Jim worked as a corporate treasurer for ABB in their London and Zurich offices, ABB-Alstom in Amsterdam and Smiths Group in London where he was in charge of FX & money market dealing. He also worked for an investment banking boutique in Prague in 1997 and 1998 where he was part of a team responsible for the privatisation of a number of Czech companies. Jim has a BA from the University of Wales and an MPhil from Cambridge University.

Matthew Clements has been a director of Global Markets Media Ltd for 16 years. He is co-publisher of all the company's research for the financial markets. This includes research on subjects such as artificial intelligence, behavioural finance, equity analysis and ESG investing. Previously, he worked in the City of London for a leading broking house where he was head of market research. He holds a BSc and MSc in Economics from the University of London.

James E. Corter is Professor of Statistics and Education at Columbia University in New York. He obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Stanford University, working under the direction of Dr. Amos Tversky. His research interests include behavioral decision-making, applied statistics, and cognitively diagnostic testing methods. The IRTI was developed in response to a need expressed by investment professionals to better understand the attitudes and goals of the individual investors they work with.